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Image Use Guidelines

In an effort to help you understand how to use our images and when an extended license is needed, we have listed some general guidelines and examples.

Under the Royalty-Free license, the intended use is personal, educational, non-profit and non-business environment only. This means the work derived from our images is for your personal benefit with no monetary benefit.

Examples of use under the RF License

advertisements online or off line
promotional and marketing materials
*tutorials (video or written)
web page designs
before and afters
showcasing of work on personal websites, blogs or social networking pages (Facebook, Deviant Art, Flickr, Model Mayhem etc)

Important Note about Tutorials

You can use an image in a tutorial that you host on your personal website, blog or video site such as YouTube.

You can show before and afters. Neither the unedited or edited version should be downloaded in large format. The size must not be larger than 600x800.

You can watermark your edited version. No credit is needed for the unedited copy however, if you would like your viewers to have access, you can point them to our website to download their own copy of the image. If you prefer to offer the image directly on your site or other medium, you must obtain an extended license for $60 (60 credits)

If you are simply making a video for another party in which you are paid or the video is being hosted on their website instead of your own, then you need an extended license. If you are distributing the tutorial to other websites without compensation and it is stored within their database or search listings and archives, you must let viewers know where you obtained the RAW photo by providing a live link to the website within the video or description.

When do I need an Extended License?

Is the image (edit/unedited) a major part (that is more than 40%) of the product you intend to sell or distribute?

Do you plan to post the edited or unedited version on the web for others to download directly without requiring them to come to EP to download their own copy? For example on Sendspace, FTP, Tranferbigfiles, your own website etc?

Is the image edit or unedited embedded in a web or Powerpoint template or offered as sample photos for example, online galleries?
If you answered yes to any of those circumstances, an extended license is required.

An Important Note about Models

Under no circumstances should your edit of a model depict them in a pornographic or sexual manner or anything that would defame the person.

If you still have questions, please send your requests to