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Hair Retouching Tutorial

Hair tutorial


HAIR RETOUCHING by Cosmin Neamtu


In this video presentation that is 3+ hours in duration, Cosmin Neamtu explains in 6 chapters industry standard techniques and tips on how to effectively retouch hair.

The instruction provides a one on one lesson that you control and learn at your own pace.

Cosmin Neamtu offers his best tips, techniques and effectively demonstrates how to apply each technique.

This video instruction gives you access to

  • 6 tutorial chapters on hair retouching
  • The working raw file
  • PSD layered file
  • Bonus library of 2 assorted hair images, not released previously. Available to you for free when you purchase the DVD
Purchase 20 images and receive this video tutorial for free.


Production Information

Electronic Download
File Size: 6GB
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  • Version: CS
  • Runtime: 3+ hours
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Video Resolution:
  • Download Size: 6 GB


Preview an entire chapter video
Tonal Intensities Intro



High Pass Technique: Inverted High Pass on Hair Retouching Video Clip
Evening out sahdow/highlight transitions



Table of Contents:
Overview: (26 seconds)

Beauty and Skin Wall Thru (4 mins 23 secs)

  • Smart Object Conversion
  • Photoshop layers overview

CDrawing Hair ( 19 mins, 58 secs)

  • DDrawing eyebrows
  • CDrawing in the hair
  • Smude and Brush Tool
  • Real Time Application
  • Results: Before and After


Stray Hair Removal (2 hrs 20  mins  53 secs)

  • Hair Retouching Intro
  • Hair Map
  • Stray Hair Remova
  • Technique: Real time application
  • Results: Before and After

Dealing with hair tonalities (5 mins, 02 secs)

  • Hair tonality explained
  • Technique: Inverted High Pass

SShaping Hair (6mins 37secs)

  • How to shape the hair, hairline and head
  • Using the liquidify tool

B3D Effect (13 mins, 42 secs)

  • Intro to the 3D effect
  • Filling in holes and missing parts
  • Shadows and Highlights: Creating the help layers
  • Technique: Curves adjustment layers Shadows
  • Technique: Curves adjustment layer highlight