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How do I download images?

You can download your images by clicking on the My Downloads link in your profile area. Click on either the thumbnail or the title of the image. Downloads will begin automatically and saved to the folder you save all of your downloads. Usually this is either your desktop, downloads or picture folder. 


Steps to Downloading a Photo 

1. Select the images you like and add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the blue "ADD TO CART" button

2.A pop up window will appear that confirms your selections. There are two additional buttons "CONTINUE SHOPPING" or "CHECKOUT". 

3. Once you've made all of your selections and ready to order, click on the "CHECKOUT" button. 

4. This will be the billings and shippings page (you don't need to fill this out since PAYPAL will be handling your purchased credits and for free, its not needed), click on "THE NEXT STEP" button located at the bottom of the page. 

5. Click on "ORDER NOW"

6. The "MY DOWNLOADS" page will appear automatically, click on the thumbnail or the title of the image and the download will start automatically. 



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